There is a possibility to integrate a Keypoint account in OPENSyndic. Keypoint allows you to follow up on claims through your broker. For more information about the operation of Keypoint itself, we would like to refer to Keypoint.

Who is Keypoint?

Keypoint is the digital assistant for all parties that have decision-making authority over repairs and maintenance of buildings, management and communication, but also for providing advice and support.

Through our digital collaboration platform, all parties involved are linked and file management is highly automated and more efficient. In this way, a file becomes digital, transparent and relevant at the right time and that for everyone. To this end, we also build numerous links with management software from our respective target markets.

In addition, we also manage our own recovery network throughout Belgium that can repair all types of assignments, both within and outside the insurance company. Through the Keypoint Community we also offer free support to syndics through our partners for obtaining EPC certificates, technical audits, etc.

Click here to learn more about Keypoint.

Open Keypoint in OpenSyndic

There is a link with Keypoint in several places in OPENSyndic.

  • Under 'Techinisch beheer' a menu item is 'Keypoint'.
  • At the address sheet of the suppliers and third parties there is a tab 'Keypoint'.
  • At the residence sheet there is a tab 'Keypoint'.
  • In document management, there is a button to forward documents to Keypoint.
  • Let's take the example of the supplier's address sheet here. On the basis of the company number of the supplier, the files in which this supplier is involved can be requested. Use the 'Retrieve files from Keypoint' button to retrieve the files.
  • The link 'Open Dossier Keypoint' can be used to open the selected file at Keypoint via a browser.
  • When selecting a file, the documents linked to that file are shown in the right-hand table. With the button 'Import Document into OPENSyndic' the selected documents can be imported into OPENSyndic. The documents are created in the scan folder and the document manager is opened. There the documents can be added in the right place in the tree structure.
  • Via the document management, documents can be uploaded to a Keypoint file.
  • The files are requested on the basis of a company number. This can be the company number of a residence or of a supplier. If necessary, select a residence and/or supplier.
  • Retrieving files at Keypoint' will retrieve all files that contain the company number of the selected residence or supplier.