Cloud Computer Company

Cloud Computer Company has specialized to Syndici/stewards of the future, the complete digital path to be walked. With “OPENSyndic” (Management buildings) and “openrental” (stewardship) We offer 2 complete efficient working tools for every administrator/steward. Our services are also offered via the cloud.

The benefits of working in the Cloud are manifold: accessible everywhere, reliable, safe, scalable and inexpensive.

Each year, several upgrades are performed to meet the needs of our customers. All legal adjustments are also made free of charge. Our software grows along with your needs. T

he helpdesk is also free of charge, subject to the training of our specialists in this field. Our helpdesk goes beyond the use of the software.  Due to our knowledge in the field of Syndici management and stewardship management, most of the helpdesk time is spent on, for example, accounting questions, legal obligations,…