Have you ever thought about modernizing your meetings and using voice manuals during your general meetings? OPENVote offers the solution!

Some practical benefits:

  • There is no need to count long and hard, the results of the votes adopted and rejected are immediately known.
  • You can easily link the devices to the participants of the general meeting.
  • Via your beamer you will be guided during the vote and the results can also be shown directly during the general meeting.
  • You can check who hasn’t voted yet.
  • Full integration within OPENSyndic.

OPENVote Hybrid

By the measures i.v.m. Covid-19 has greatly increased the demand for online meetings. This created “OPENVote Hybrid”.  OPENVote already uses voice hand sets and this is fully integrated within OPENSyndic with more than 9000 buildings connected.

“OPENVote Hybrid” is an extension to this system, but this allows the co-owners to vote remotely and this from a Windows platform, via Smartphones or Tablets …

The Syndicator can guide the meeting through Teams, Zoom, … or a tool he prefers himself.

From OPENSyndic, the syndici decide to hold a hybrid meeting. This means that the co-owners, via an email, receive a message from their syndicate, in which they can indicate whether or not to follow the AV locally or remotely (if the government allows this) or the co-owner can give a power of attorney to a third party or the co-owner wants to participate in the AV online. During the AV, the co-owner has the possibility to perform the vote online via our APP in real-time. At the end of the AV, the co-owner gets an overview of what he voted and what the full results are. The co-owner can then sign his vote digitally.

The report is drawn up entirely automatically as the law requires.