An important task of the administrator is the follow-up of its buildings. To meet this, OPENCRM have been created.

What does OPENCRM do?

OPENCRM has the following functionalities:

  • Registering notifications per building
  • Associate with an employee
  • Follow-up by the crossing in the field of:
    •   Outstanding Tickets
    •   Tickets that are over
    •   …
  • Statements that can be submitted on the AV
  • Back link to the co-owner

By using this application, many reports are being monitored much more accurately. And you are going to build up a better bond with your customers.


With this App, your co-owners of your buildings can easily provide notifications that are then automatically set up in the OPENCRM system and where a complete follow-up can be done. This gives you a professional expression as a SYNDIC office. This App is available under IOS (IPhone – IPad), on Adroidtoestellen (Tablet), under Windows OS, and on MAC OS.